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A bed of nails or a bed of roses.

Ultra perdisco.

Daniel B. Holzman-Tweed
9 October 1968
New York
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I'm 42, married to jadegirl, a NYC resident and computer security professional. I got a B.A. instead of a B.S. in Physics because chemistry was that boring; and my M.S. is in Information Security. I practiced Judiasm in my childhood and became Wiccan shortly after reaching my majority, getting my Third Degree shortly after getting my Bachelor's Degree.

I'm passionate about almost everything I bother thinking about, from cooking, reading, gaming, antiques, and music to politics, social justice, and religion. My tastes and thoughts in the aforementioned things vary as widely as I can make them, as I believe in having the widest base of experiences I can. "Anything worth doing is worth overdoing."

"One day a big black car
Big man with a big fat cigar
Looking for aspirin
All night with woman and gin..." Stella Soleil, _Dirty Little Secrets_, "Twilight"

Want to know anything else? Just ask.

If you're going to read my journal, there's something you should understand. I write about what's on my mind here. Often what I'm thinking about is political in nature. Often, I've strong feelings on a topic and express them in strong terms here. Sometimes I vent. Sometimes my venting is inflammatory.

If this makes reading my journal particularly onerous, I will not be offended if you opt not to read those posts. I will try to be diligent about flagging them. I'll even not be offended if you opt not to read my journal altogether.

If I say something with which you disagree, you can have a civilized discussion with me about it here. You can even tell me you feel I'm over the top with a particular entry. What you cannot do is get inflammatory at me here.

Some blogs I recommend, hosted elsewhere:

Jeff Angus' Management By Baseball
Avedon Carol's Sideshow
I, Cringely
Terry Kevin Amthor's Synaptic Discharge
Musing's Musings

Some organizations I'm either involved with or endorse:

Card carrying member of the ACLU since 1990 Be Present

Doctors Without Borders

The Israeli Information Center
for Human Rights
in the Occupied Territories

Axis of Justice

Metalheads Against Racism

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